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It all started approximately 17 years ago when I first discovered my great passion for drawing. I soon realized that I most enjoy drawing portraits. Despite not having any formal art education, I kept gathering knowledge and nourishing my talent through books, online courses and private classes. I could easily say that my greatest wish at that time was to improve my drawing abilities with each day. 10 years later, I became one of the top portait artists in Slovenia, and my talent soon reached beyond Slovene borders. Now, my portraits are known in Slovenia as well as abroad.

My Own Art Studio

It soon happened that commissions were coming in more and more often and the little creative space I had in my apartment was not enough. Which is why my partner and I got the idea of starting our own art studio. We called it Studio Do-Ma. The studio now comprises the art of music downstairs and the art of drawing upstairs and is our perfect home away from home. It is located in Celje, Slovenia.

Art Team

I have always wanted to work in a team of artists and it just so happened I came accross a wonderful caricaturist with years of experience in drawing and a great sense of humour- Miki. In the beginning I drew all the caricatures myself, but later I decided I wanted to focus mainly on portraits. To ensure our clients got the best possible quality of art I asked Miki to join our team and we have been working together successfully ever since. Later he also introduced me to one of the top graphic designers and his own son, Nikola, who now creates fantastic digital caricatures as part of our team. Not so long ago, I also »recruited« Simona, who draws life-like animal portraits for our clients.


It didn't take long before our effort and quality was noticed by the Swiss company and the manufacturer of one od the best quality art materials Caran d'Ache. We partnered up with their Slovene representatives, who also became our official sponsor. We are working hard together to awaken the art world and bring new opportunities to young artists everywhere.

Animal Friendly Company

Another vision that brings the team closer is our love for animals. We work our best to help homeless animals and cooperate with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We have our own four-legged friends at the studio who are part of the family. Being and animal-friendly company we also welcome your pets to come to the studio with you.

The Future

New ideas for the future arise every day, but I always let myself be patient and see what it brings. However, I am certain that we will achieve even greater quality of art and create more and more everlasting memories for our clients.




Dolores Ponoš

Ulica mesta grevenbroich 13

3000 Celje